Executive Search & Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

We get the most out of you and your people.

As a highly-experienced executive coaching firm, we work with mid-to-senior level executives in any industry to help them achieve both their personal and professional goals. Through a personal and focused approach, we seek to unlock your potential and get the most out of you and your people. For over two decades we have helped guide, mentor, and propel our clients to push past their perceived limitations.

We work with both individuals and companies who want to influence, motivate, and lead their team to do great things.

Coaching clients include:

  • Diversified Consulting Firms
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Traditional and Alternative Investment Management Companies
  • FinTech Companies
  • Global Banks
  • Start-Ups
  • Senior-Level Executives looking to advance to the next level across industry sectors

Our Coaching Process

We approach every client with both personal and professional goals in mind in order to power instrumental growth.

Clarity and Self-Awareness​

Helping a leader develop a broader perspective of themselves and those around them can substantially impact their productivity. We partner with you to grow your self-awareness, unlock your potential, clarify your goals, and align your developmental needs with the objectives of your organization.

Get There Faster​

We coach individuals to align their personal beliefs with their professional aspirations to help them get where they’re going faster. We help identify what has prevented you from achieving those objectives, and find ways to bring your best to the surface. We help provide clarity, focus, structure, and accountability that challenge you to go outside your comfort zone, enabling you to set higher goals and make your ambitions a reality.

Communication, Collaboration, & Culture​

Understanding how to become a more effective leader is crucial to every executive’s personal and professional development. Personalized coaching can help you become a better communicator, improve collaboration among your team, and help meld into the culture of your organization.

Coaching Techniques Backed by Science

Coaching methods based on organizational effectiveness, adult learning, and neuroscience are tremendously effective in producing meaningful, sustainable change. Through these techniques, along with the power of inquiry and the most advanced profiling tools in the industry, we can confidently identify opportunities for growth and drive improvement in key areas of both personal and professional development.

About Sandy

Sandy Scherzer (Gross), Founder and Executive Coach at Pinetum, partners with clients to clarify values and priorities, visualize success and brainstorm a plan of action. Through her extensive coaching experience, she helps clients come to new realizations about their own limitations, and how to surpass them, opening new doors for advancement and growth.