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We'll find you the best people in the financial world.

As a small, woman-owned, independent executive search firm, we can stay focused, flexible, and agile, allowing us to provide our clients with a level of service the major retained search firms can’t match. We dedicate ourselves to only a few projects at one time, which means we can stay completely focused on finding the best people for your company.

We perform searches for a broad range of
asset classes and functions:

Investment Professionals

  • Fundamental Equity
  • Fixed Income Arbitrage
  • Event Driven/Merger Arbitrage
  • Quantitative Strategies
  • Sector Funds
  • Regional Funds

Other Professionals

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Head of Human Resources
  • Head of Capital Raising/IR
  • General Counsel

Our Search Process

We approach every search as an opportunity to help your company get from where you are to where you want to be.

The Pinetum Edge

Drawing inspiration from our experience at Spencer Stuart, one of the most successful executive search firms in the world, combined with experience gained in banking, running global HR and recruiting at a multi-billion dollar, multi-strategy hedge fund, we have developed a systematic process for finding the best talent.

We incorporate modern psychology into our search process with the help of the most advanced profiling tools in the industry. Scientifically backed personality and emotional intelligence assessments help us evaluate how a candidate will fit in with the team they will be working with.

Culture is Crucial​

In finance, being a good cultural fit in a company can be just as important as having the functional skills to do the job. As recruiters, we come from the hedge fund world. Having worked with hundreds of clients in the financial industry, we are quick to understand the unique cultural requirements of a company.

We have the industry experience to know what a quality candidate looks like, and we can differentiate the subtle nuances from one candidate to another.

We Focus on Building Relationships​

We see ourselves as an extension of your human resources and senior management teams. We approach each new search by carefully exploring any and all aspects of the position. We listen to our clients, ask the right questions, and understand exactly what you need for a specific role.

We also understand that each successful hire builds trust and can result in new opportunities. Over time, as we get to know you and your team, subsequent searches become even more efficient and productive.

Efficiency​ Through Speed and Precision

Compared to most of the big guys, we complete a typical search in about half the time; about 12 weeks. That’s because we only take on a few projects at a time and we can stay focused on finding the exact person you need.

We don’t outsource any aspect of our search or delegate any part of the recruitment life cycle. A senior partner speaks with, meets, and vets every prospect before introducing them as a candidate, ensuring only the highest caliber individuals make it through the process.

We stay in constant communication with you about your search and provide weekly progress reports. All of this combined with a world class recruitment process results in a faster, more effective, and less stressful hiring timeline.

It All Comes Down to Experience​

Decades of experience working in financial services helps us understand your requirements and nuances of each search, enabling us to not only find a great functional fit, but a great cultural fit as well. But perhaps even more important is our extensive reach among industry professionals and knowing all the players.

At Pinetum, a highly-visible, highly-experienced senior partner runs every search. Our seniority and reputation allows us to attract the attention of, and gain access to, the highest-level executives — executives who would be inaccessible to the junior associates performing most of the search process at many of the big firms.

And when a candidate takes us more seriously, they’re going to take your position more seriously.

How we stand up to the big guys…

In executive search, it pays to be small and agile. We hold a number of major advantages over our much larger competition.
Pinetum PartnersOther Major Firms
We boast a 100% completion rate for every retained search.A typical search results in a 50-60% likelihood of completion.
Our average search to completion time is about 12 weeks.The typical search to completion time can take upwards of 24-28 weeks.
There are “zero off-limits” for most of our searches, meaning we have unrestricted access to the market’s best talent.Non compete clauses with other clients can limit access to top talent.
A highly-visible senior partner runs every search and can attract the attention of and gain access to the highest-level executives.Junior associates provide most search related services with occasional guidance from partners, limiting access to higher-level individuals.
A senior partner owns the full recruitment life cycle, including speaking with, meeting, and vetting every candidate, ensuring only the most suitable and highest caliber candidates are introduced to the client.Search efforts are delegated across junior associates and multiple team members, diminishing communication, responsiveness, and quality control.
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About Sandy

Sandy Scherzer (Gross), founder and managing partner of Pinetum Partners has worked in executive search and recruiting for some of the biggest financial companies in the world. Her firm has been recognized as one of the top 50 executive search firms in the U.S. in financial services.