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Pinetum Partners is a highly-experienced retained executive search and executive coaching firm.

Founded in 2004 and located in Greenwich, CT, we operate in the epicenter of the financial world to serve clients internationally. With over 3 decades of hands-on Wall Street experience, we have the background and the perspective to help support and grow your business through the placement and development of key individuals.   

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Top 50 in Executive Search Firms for Financial Services

When you want to hire the best people in the world, your executive search firm needs to know your business inside and out. At Pinetum Partners, we know the financial services industry better than anyone else because that’s all we do. We understand the skill sets, we know the people, and we embody the culture. That’s why we can help you find your next:

  • C-Suite Executive
  • Dept Head
  • Portfolio Manager / Analyst

Executive Coaching that Empowers Instrumental Growth

The job of any coach is to get the most out of his or her people. At Pinetum Partners, we take a personal and focused approach to help executives achieve both their personal and professional goals. We have worked closely with high-level individuals for over two decades and draw upon that experience to guide, mentor, and empower our clients to push past their limits.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Off-site Coaching
  • Other mid-to-senior level positions

We help you get from point A to point B.

We look at every search as a unique opportunity to help a company get from where they are to where they want to be by finding the right person for the job. With decades of experience focused in the financial industry, we are able to listen to our clients, ask the right questions, and understand the nuances of exactly what they require for a specific role. We coach individuals to align their personal and professional goals to help them there faster.

We help bring your best to the surface.

It can be hard for the ideal candidate to pick up and leave their legacy company. Identifying the right individuals, understanding what they might be missing in their current role, and highlighting what they have to gain by transitioning to your company is really the only way to attract the best talent. Whether it’s the allure of a new opportunity, a new challenge, or simply better compensation, we take the time to understand the most appealing aspects of the job opportunity, so that we can position it to the best candidates out there. We use the same techniques to help our coaching clients draw out the best possible version of themselves, or to align professional or personal goals. We use the same techniques to help our coaching clients draw out the best possible version of themselves, or to align professional or personal goals.

We make your culture our difference maker.

Finding the right caliber person you are searching for can be a complex task if you don’t have the industry experience to know what a quality candidate looks like. While many prospects may possess the functional skill set for the job, they don’t all fit the unique culture of a company. That’s where understanding the industry and grasping the culture of an organization can prove enormously valuable. From a coaching perspective, we help leaders identify certain cultural aspects of their company, which can make a big difference in how they influence, motivate, and lead their team.

We use the most advanced profiling tools in the industry.

We use scientifically backed personality and emotional intelligence assessments to help understand the nuances of a client and a candidate. Specifically we look at who a candidate will be working with and how well they may communicate and interact with others, while ensuring balance and diversity amongst teams. These are all major factors in a successful placement and mis-aligned personalities can be easily overlooked without help from these tools. We also use these assessments with our coaching clients to help identify certain mental blocks, how to become a better communicator, and how to work more effectively with their team.

We build long-term relationships based upon reliability and trust.

As your partner, we know that each successful search and every exceptional hire will build trust and result in additional opportunities. That’s why, unlike the big firms, we dedicate ourselves to only a few projects at a time. When we take you on as a client, we are completely focused on finding the best possible fit. We provide weekly progress reports for our clients and stay in constant communication with our candidates. Initially, this results in a faster, more effective, and less stressful search process for everyone involved. Over time, as we get to know you and your company’s needs and culture, subsequent searches will only get better.

How we stand up to the big guys…

In executive search, it pays to be small and agile. We hold a number of major advantages over our much larger competition.
Pinetum PartnersOther Major Firms
We boast a 100% completion rate for every retained search.A typical search results in a 50-60% likelihood of completion.
Our average search to completion time is about 12 weeks.The typical search to completion time can take upwards of 24-28 weeks.
There are “zero off-limits” for most of our searches, meaning we have unrestricted access to the market’s best talent.Non compete clauses with other clients can limit access to top talent.
A highly-visible senior partner runs every search and can attract the attention of and gain access to the highest-level executives.Junior associates provide most search related services with occasional guidance from partners, limiting access to higher-level individuals.
A senior partner owns the full recruitment life cycle, including speaking with, meeting, and vetting every candidate, ensuring only the most suitable and highest caliber candidates are introduced to the client.Search efforts are delegated across junior associates and multiple team members, diminishing communication, responsiveness, and quality control.
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About Sandy

Sandy Scherzer (Gross), founder of Pinetum Partners, couples over 3 decades of professional and practical Wall Street experience with over 25+ years of executive coaching, retained search, and global human resources experience. Through her personal, relationship-driven approach, she helps established institutions and start-up companies make strategic and opportunistic human capital acquisitions. With a focus on personal and professional development, she also coaches leaders to meet the rising challenges of unprecedented change in various markets.